Dangerous! Do not eat more rice, reheated yesterday

Have you ever eaten yesterday's reheated rice again?
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Actually, this habit is often done by many people.

Especially considering that rice is the staple food of the Indonesian population.

But the problem is this habit can endanger our health. What is that?

Reporting from independent.co.uk, National Health Service (NHS), a public health service in England, Wales and Scotland, we can experience food poisoning if we eat rice left over yesterday.

Although we have reheated the rice.

But the problem is we can get food poisoning not because the rice has been reheated or not.

But how is rice stored after being cooked for the first time.

As is known, rice often contains Bacillus cereus spores, cells that are able to reproduce quickly and can transform into bacterial strands.

If the rice is left at room temperature after cooking, spores can grow into bacteria, which will eventually multiply.

This is what can cause us to experience poisoning or vomiting and diarrhea.

So, it is very important for us to know how to store rice in the right way and can reheat it later.

Then how do we avoid food poisoning?

The NHS recommends serving rice immediately after cooking. Then cool the remaining rice as quickly as possible (ideally one hour).

After that, store the rice in the refrigerator (but not more than one day) before reheating.

Finally, never try to heat the remaining rice more than once.

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